Sullivan’s order questions the validity of admitted hit man Vincent Smothers’ confession to Detroit police that he committed the Runyon Street killings, two weeks after Sullivan sentenced Sanford to 37-90 years in prison.It ignores that fact that Sullivan received sworn affidavits, videos and transcripts of Smothers’ confession during post-conviction proceedings, but still denied Sanford’s motion to withdraw his guilty plea.

A Detroit Free Press headline trumpeted that Sullivan’s order urges a “probe for truth” in the 2007 “Runyon Street killings,” implying that Davontae may not have been justifiably exonerated.

The order comes on the heels of Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy’s refusal to charge former Detroit Police Commander James Tolbert with perjury in a capital case, and a press conference she focused primarily on evidence AGAINST Davontae.

In a 114-page report, the Michigan State Police had recommended warrants against Tolbert for lying about a sketch drawn of the murder scene, Vincent Smothers, who repeatedly confessed to the killings, and his named accomplice Ernest Davis. Like Worthy’s press conference, Sullivan’s order is mean-spirited.

It ignores and even contradicts facts revealed in the MSP report, as well as evidence compiled by two innocence clinics from Northwestern University and the University of Michigan, which leave no room for doubt about Sanford’s innocence.

Judge Sullivan also refused to allow Smothers’ attorneys to testify to what he told them.

He ruled against the allowing the testimony of an expert on false confessions by children.In his order, Sullivan cites numerous factors that he still believes have not been resolved, casting doubt on Davontae’s innocence and subjecting him and his family to all manner of possible repercussions.information about alleged drug dealers in this story should be taken in context with the fact that the CIA, the DEA, and U. banks have been thoroughly exposed as responsible for bringing drugs across the borders for decades to decimate Black and poor cities.Read “Dark Alliance” by Gary Webb, an extremely detailed history of the introduction of crack cocaine into the U. His dedication in the book: “It is undeniable that a wildly successful conspiracy existed to import cocaine existed for many years, and that innumerable American citizens, most of them poor and black, paid an enormous price as a result.This book was written for them, so that they may know on what altars their communities were sacrificed.” DETROIT – Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Brian Sullivan finally signed a formal order dismissing quadruple homicide charges against Davontae Sanford July 19.The young man’s record is now cleared so he can “move on with his life,” his fondest wish on coming home June 8, after nine years in prison for crimes he did not commit.