Serve as many families as possible in the Basking Ridge and Pompton Plains area with the highest quality chiropractic care, and to educate my patients so they in turn can educate others. David Anson has adjusted many different groups, from professional athletes, to being a high school team physician. Anson’s greatest joy has been in helping children who suffer from diminished health, and lowered resistance, regain their health and be able to function at the level their body was made to.Call to arrange a consultation at either Basking Ridge or Pompton Plains offices so we can explain how chiropractors produce results the natural way without drugs or surgery.

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And while I'm happy to discuss the pros and cons of the current implementation, that's what we've got for now and I'm going to spend a little time highlighting its extensibility!

As with the rest of the Phone Toolkit, our primary goal was to make it easy for developers to match the core Windows Phone 7 experience in their own applications.

Toward that end, adding an instance of to a page gives the same "small button expands to full-page date/time picker with infinite scrolly thingies" experience that's found in the core Settings, Calendar, and Alarms applications.

But sometimes you want to do things a little differently, and maybe you've got a date/time picking interface in mind that's more relevant to your scenario...

"The windows of Saks are so famous, it is just the perfect place to display this work," says famed artist David Russo while unveiling his work at the Saks Fifth Avenue Beverly Hills store on Tuesday morning.

The artwork Russo is creating in the Wilshire Boulevard window display will be auctioned off at Charity Buzz (until June 17) and at Saks Beverly Hills on Thursday evening at 7 p.m., with all proceeds going to the national nonprofit Little Kids Rock.

Little Kids Rock serves nearly 200,000 children (13,000 of which are in the L. area) by providing instruments, instruction and revitalization of music programs at underprivileged schools.

"This is just such an amazing charity," says the proud artist, adding, "These paintings are inspired by the good things in life." During the event, Miramonte Elementary school students, benefiting from the program, performed a concert for shoppers and members of the media, jamming out to classics such as "Come Together", "Hit the Road Jack" and "Sweet Child O' Mine." Check out a quick snippet of the performance below.

property to the standard date and time format string or custom date and time format string of your choice!

But because format strings include "{" and "}", they're a little tricky to code in XAML; you need to escape the special characters.

here's an example of what this looks like in its simplest form: property to the starting Date Time.