What I'm going to deal with is what my deputy did," except, that wasn't his full purpose.

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Or maybe they won't interview the students, that will make it go faster, right?

Lott also conveniently stated another video has "surfaced," showing the unnamed student punching the police officer. "Just because she was wrong in what she was doing doesn't make what he was doing completely right also," Lott added.

Lott also says, stunningly, that the teacher and assistant principal involved have given written statements in support of Officer Fields' actions.

You may remember the press conference given last year by Ferguson Chief of Police Tom Jackson, during which he conveniently dropped little hints and statements designed to destroy the character of Michael Brown, an unarmed teen whom one of his officers had shot dead, while subtly defending his officer all the same.

Different people, definitely different scale, and no one was murdered, or, reportedly, even seriously injured, but America has learned its lesson and we're not going to fall for this again.

Late Tuesday afternoon Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott held a press conference and explained his disgust with his deputy's actions Monday.

That deputy sheriff, Ben Fields, made nationwide headlines yesterday after he flipped over a teenaged student in her desk, ripped her from it and dragged her across the classroom floor before planting her face on the ground, placing his knee in her back, handcuffing her, and arresting her, all because she refused to follow an order to leave the classroom.

Her crime, according to students in the room, was either taking her cellphone out "for a second," or chewing gum.

UPDATE: Spring Valley Student Assaulted By Deputy Sheriff Is A Recent Orphan For good measure, Officer Fields also arrested the one student who was brave enough to stand up for her classmate and say, "no." Here's what Sheriff Lott had to say.

"We're going to be fair and we're going to do the right thing." Really? “If she had not disrupted that school, disrupted that class, we would not be standing here today," Lott said.

"So it started with her and it ended with my officer.