Also that each of them has the tendency of getting carried away by their encouragements, which might lead to future problems in their lives.The physical chemistry is great between this leo libra couple. There is a lot of passion and drama involved in their intimacy.Going out, being social, dressing up their best and being the centre of attention, is enjoyed by both these partners.

Both love trying out new things, adventure and are very optimistic, there won’t be dull moments around this leo libra couple.

The Libra partner is always the more intellectual out of the two and the Leo is always the more passionate partner. To understand deeply you need to study leo and libra compatibility based on entire birth charts.

Compatibility: 4 Communication: 3 Sexual chemistry: 4 Ratings are out of 5 The Leo woman understands, appreciates and reverts to the language of love.

Leo Libra compatibility makes a great combination together.

Each of them bring the best in each other; also they share a parallel outlook towards life.

Both the Leo and Libra are extremely fascinated by each other’s personality.

The Leo partner will admire the Libra partner’s sophistication, quick thinking, accurate style and their intellectual level The Libra makes a very affectionate partner; their quality of giving sincere compliments is appreciated by the Leo partner.

The Libra partner is attracted towards the Leo’s passionate nature, they love their dominance and style.

The Leo partner loves showing off their style, their bravery and the Libra partner enjoys watching it.

The Leo partner likes being in charge in of the relationship and the Libra partner is fine with it as it is not very interested in making decisions.

The negative aspect of this leo libra relationship could be that both tend to get a little possessive at times.