Explanation These are web cameras with IP addresses, which send a continuous stream of pictures in the Motion JPEG format. The first frame of the video is grabbed and resized as a thumbnail.

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Everyone you are connected with can also see those 4 webcams.

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When you first enter this website you get to choose the people that you want to chat with.From that moment, you will be connected with up to 4 different webcams at the same time.However, if a picture from your webcam appears here and you object to that, let us know and it will be removed.Cam4is all about bringing you the best Cam4 alternatives on the web and Live Cam4 is among the best of them.This Cam4 alternative not only brings you into a world where you can chat with many people at the same time via text chat, but you can also view numerous webcams at the same time.The great thing about this is that everyone you are viewing can also view each other’s webcams.