The Roadhouse Chronicles are continuing but I’m taking a break.

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Mechanico has The Driver call her and we all decide to go bounce over and meet her.

She’s with the same friend from the night before plus two other girls with boyfriends who are total hating faggots.

I’m wearing the White Linen Blazer of Freedom and The Black Sneakers of Destruction. Mechanico (against my advice) decides he likes her friend.

I’m drinking coconut water and coffee and trying to get this chick to commit to a time and a place.

Every other sentence from this girl is conflicting and it’s pissing me off.

She’s saying things like, “Let’s meet at your hotel”, “I don’t want to meet at your hotel.

Tell me another place”, “I know you don’t know any place but tell me where you want to go”; Shit like that.

Ali had met some cute ass latina girl and she comes and meets him at the hotel.

Mechanico shows up with The Driver (worth every penny).

I have been blowing off other girls because I am, for better or worse, zeroed in on this chick called Deyania.

My phone situation was bad, I was still sorting things out (something that would become a pattern on my trips, in this case my i Phone wouldn’t work), so I was messaging this girl on Skype IM from my laptop outside at the hotel bar.