Should I take this as a sign that he really isn’t into me? Karen, Berwyn, 57 Dear Karen, As hard as it might be to hear — yes, he’s just not that into you.Remember the movie starring Jennifer Aniston “He’s Just Not That Into You”?Well, just as the movie reveals, if a man wants to see you again, he will make sure it happens.

When you start hearing new and perhaps more humorous answers, you will probably not be so bored. For example, discuss something of interest from the day’s headlines or top stories.

Of course, make sure to avoid any negative or controversial topics such as politics or religion. As I’ve advised so often, dating should not be just sitting across the table and having a conversation.

If your first date was a simple “one drink” meeting, there shouldn’t have been much time to ask many questions.

If you wish to see your date again, ask her to go to a ball game, movie, concert, or fun event instead of making a dinner reservation. If there is something about your dating process that isn’t, take the time to examine your steps and revise your expectations and actions. Dear Nancy, I met a great guy last week from, and I really thought he was into me, but when I mentioned I’d like to see him again, he started telling me how busy he was for the next week.

Dear Nancy, I’ve been on six first dates this month and I am finding myself getting bored and frustrated having to ask the same old questions over and over again.

I know we are all supposed to ask each other questions, but isn’t there a more fun way to find out about someone?John, 63, West Chester Dear John, It certainly can be monotonous having to ask the same questions over and over again, thus I have a few recommendations to keep your dating life interesting: • Keep your dates short. One drink at a fun bar is all you need in order to decide if you both would like to see each other again. I have a list of creative questions for dating that I share with my clients; from “What should I know about you that I’d never think to ask? ”,to “What is your most treasured possession and why?” These questions will probably illicit more information than your normal questions that you’ve been asking, as your date has probably never heard them before and thus will have a more honest answer.Instead, I tell my clients to move on and forget about them who don’t pursue them in a gentlemanly way.What I recommend for you is, to get your calendar full of dates with other men.If this guy comes around again, give him one last chance.