I must preemptively fend off rumors that the column's being shuttered because of my controversial stand on the Breath o...― It's hard to believe, but with this volume of Nami Sato's breakout manga, our time with Sakamoto comes to an end.Whether it was planned this way or not, each volume ends up representing one season of Sakamoto's school life, ...― Imogen asks: With the recent news article about Sentai dubbing Amagi Brilliant Park I was curious to know if there's a reason why one of Kyoto Animation's other works 'Hyouka' hasn't had any distribution beyond Japan when all of their other shows have? Lauren Orsini lists the Gundam pilots whose decision-making skills and emotional fortitude she can relate to the most - while exploring how your favorite Gundam pilots can say a lot about you and the Gundam series you respond to most.― Let's address the elephant in the room: Gundam Build Fighters is a toy commercial.However, it's an amazing toy commercial with beautiful animation, innovative mecha designs, humor, and heart—one that I want to watch again ...

This time, the game is an "eagerly anticipated full-fledged dating simulation game" for the PS Vita system.

The first anime season will re-run on the BS11 channel on Mondays at midnight starting January 12, 2015.

― James asks: I've noticed that the state of California has a lot of Anime Stores and other shops (like Little Tokyo) for Anime.

Would California be the ideal place to live in and have access to acquiring physical Anime, Manga, and other related mercha...

The action blockbuster Blue Exorcist is back with a brand-new anime in 2017 - we sat down with the original creator of the Blue Exorcist manga to explore her incredible success (and dig up details on the new anime!

)― Den-noh Coil is an original anime production and the brainchild of Mitsuo Iso, a name that even dedicated anime fans probably aren't familiar with unless they are steeped in knowledge of key animators.(He has done work...― I'll start this column with some very important news: The X Button is retiring.If all goes as planned, the final installment will go up next Thursday, July 28.When young John Watson's friend dies, he tries to replicate Frankenstein's reanimation of a corpse in this darkly fascinating 19th-century adventure from Studio Wit. R-INFINITY has announced an upcoming dating sim for smartphones that purports to be the first yuri game aimed at women.Details are limited — even a title hasn't been announced — but artwork and a tagline are available.