Cows, Cincinati Big Pig Gig and South Carolina’s own Aiken Horseplay, the Anderson County Arts Center organizers decided to promote this public art project to raise awareness and funds for the Warehouse Capital Campaign. Anderson County Arts Center - Anderson SC South Carolina...

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The name honors General Robert Anderson, a hero of the Revolutionary War who explored the region in the middle of the 18th century.

Not far from Anderson is the Pendleton Mill, now owned by La France Industries, which is the oldest cotton mill in the state still in operation.

Anderson was one of the first cities in the South to be fully electrified with hydroelectric power.

The campus has three buildings dating from its founding in 1911.

Forrest Junior College is a private two-year institution, which opened as the Carolina School of Commerce in 1946.

Anderson's hospital services are provided by Anderson Area Medical Center, also known as An Med Health.

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The first hydroelectric power to be generated in the area was from a plant at High Schoals on the Rocky River, built in 1894.

Hartwell Dam across the Savannah River about 20 miles downriver has created Lake Hartwell, extending to the suburbs of Anderson.