Random hookups happen here all the time, but by no means is everyone doing it.

Friendship wise, by second semester most people have 4 or 5 kids they hang out with regularly.

Without a doubt, UMass has some remarkable student bodies and more than its share of attractive people—you can observe some beautiful scenery walking around campus.

It's easy to meet people because there are dozens of possibilities and places to do so, whether it's in class, at a party, or getting food at the dining hall.

Guys & Girls: There are many ways to meet the opposite sex on campus.

You can easily run into someone you meet at a party at the dining hall, in the academic buildings, or at another party.

Many people have mutual friends, so getting together with people isn't hard.

Guys & Girls: The people at UMass are all different, to be honest.

I can't really describe a 'typical' student because I've yet to meet any that are typical.

Everyone here is themselves, and unique individuals.

Sure, there are your stereotypical 'nerds,' 'jocks,' and 'misfits,' but everyone for the most part is very nice and welcoming.

First semester students all look overwhelmed, but by the second month they are much more comfortable.