It is open and welcoming to people of all ethnic groups, origins, nationalities, and colors, although its congregations are predominantly made of up Black Americans. "God Our Father, Christ Our Redeemer, the Holy Spirit Our Comforter, Humankind Our Family" Derived from Bishop Daniel Alexander Payne's original motto "God our Father, Christ our Redeemer, Man our Brother", which served as the AME Church motto until the 2008 General Conference, when the current motto was officially adopted.

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In 1794 Bethel AME was dedicated with Allen as pastor.

To establish Bethel's independence, Allen successfully sued in the Pennsylvania courts in 18 for the right of his congregation to exist as an institution independent of white Methodist congregations.

Because black Methodists in other middle Atlantic communities also encountered racism and desired religious autonomy, Allen called them to meet in Philadelphia in 1816 to form a new Wesleyan denomination, the "African Methodist Episcopal Church" (AME Church).

The African Methodist Episcopal Church, usually called the A. It is the oldest independent Protestant denomination founded by black people in the world. The 20,000 members in 1856 were located primarily in the North.

Church, is a predominantly African-American Methodist denomination based in the United States. Richard Allen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1816 from several black Methodist congregations in the mid-Atlantic area that wanted independence from white Methodists. It began with 8 clergy and 5 churches, and by 1846 had grown to 176 clergy, 296 churches, and 17,375 members.

The AME Church was created and organized by people of African descent, Black people, descendants of enslaved Africans in North America as a response to being forcibly denied access to the Methodist church based on the color of their skin.

The church was not founded in Africa, nor is it exclusively for people of African descent. George's Methodist Church left the congregation when faced with racial discrimination, but continued with the Methodist doctrine and the order of worship.

Although the group was originally non-denominational, eventually members wanted to affiliate with existing denominations.

Allen led a small group who resolved to remain Methodist.

They formed the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1793.

In general, they adopted the doctrines and form of government of the Methodist Episcopal Church.